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About us

Capita Selecta Dive Medicine:

The Capita Selecta are characterized by mix of education in the dive medical aspects of the respective discipline and up-to-date education in the discipline itself, for instance in cardiology, ophthalmology, otology etc. Also, the Capita will focus attention on the requirements of the medical examinationof divers and hyperbaric workers.

The Capita are aimed at non-specialized physicians, first line physicians and family docters, sport and occupational physicians, professional dive physicians, clinical doctors and paramedical academics and technicians.

In general, the teachers are affiliated with academic hospitals and medical faculties, and have an international reputation in patient care, academic education and/or medical research as  is shown clearly in their curriculum vitae.


The Capita Selecta Duikgeneeskunde are given under the responsibility of the Academic Medical Centre, Univ. of Amsterdam (course leader Nico Schellart). Organization is by the Stichting Duik Research (SDR) and Biomed. Eng & Physics, AMC (Prof. Dr. A.G.J.M. van Leeuwen, chair).

Programme committee:
Nico Schellart (chair, medical physicist an diving physiologist), Tjeerd van Rees Vellinga (occupational and hyperbaric physician), and Marga Schweigmann (hyperbaric & diving physician), Peter Westerweel (internist-haematologist) and ad hoc the lecturers.

Executive board:

Nico Schellart (course director) and Hans van Dam (administrative manager).